The 5 Most Anticipated Panels of SXSW Interactive about Human Connections

We hear you – there’s a lot to see and do at the much talked about yearly tech conference in Austin, Texas. If you only have five days, how do you know what’s a must or a bust? To help cut through the clutter, we highlighted the five best SXSW Interactive 2015 panels we feel are in line with our vision – of powerful, emotional, visceral storytelling and communication. Many of these speakers represent great partners we’ve worked with in the past – and of course, don’t miss hearing our founder Joel partner with Google, Lippincott and Charles Trippy to move forward the discussion on “Humanizing Digital” on Monday, March 16.

If you’re in town for a long weekend and only have an hour a day to spare, here are the top panels that we think will pique your interest!

Friday, March 13 – 5:00pm CT
Brands: Connective Tissue Between People and Tech
This dual discussion will explore what connects real people to the latest, amazing new technologies, with an emphasis on the marketers who help bring those innovations to the masses.
Featuring Nick Parish (Contagious) and James Kirkham (Leo Burnett)

Saturday, March 14 – 11:00am CT
Wearables and the Happiness Quotient
Everyone is striving for happiness, but how do wearables fit into the conversation? Learn how incredibly personal data can be used to help commute the “happiness algorithm” and what that means to outputting your best self. This event will fill up fast and requires advance RSVP.
Featuring Forest Young (Interbrand) and Gareth Price (Ready Set Rocket)

Sunday, March 15 – 11:00am CT
The Future of Storytelling: The Event
Explore the powerful relationship between narrator and audience. This panel will discuss how to increase audience engagement and ownership, using the latest social tools and technologies to create emotional connections through storytelling.
Featuring Aaron Koblin (Google), Ari Kuschnir (m ss ng p eces), Charles Melcher (Melcher Media, Future of Storytelling) and Yoni Bloch (Interlude)

Monday, March 16 – 12:30pm CT
Humanizing Digital: Finding Love in a World of Likes
Join us for a discussion rooted in love: How digital experiences can show empathy, how they anticipate human needs and what actually makes them human. Be inspired to create experiences people love and can’t live without.
Featuring Joel Beckerman (Made Music Studio), Abigail Posner (Google), Charles Trippy (Internet Killed Television), Randall Stone (Lippincott)

Tuesday, March 17 – 12:30pm CT
Music Makes Movies with Randall Poster
Music Supervisors unite! This featured session will focus on the power of music in cinema – and how one of the most esteemed music supervisors of this generation uses his choice of soundtrack to change a movie scene from good to great.
Featuring Randall Poster (Search Party Music)

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Kristen Lueck is Strategist, Culture and Innovation at Made Music Studio. Talk to her on Twitter @former_case.

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