Made Music Studio July 4th Playlist

With any playlist, rule number one is know your audience. Fourth of July parties tend to be large groups of all ages; so in this hit playlist, you’ll hear an amazing range for mass appeal. The music was designed to evolve like the flow of a celebration – so don’t hit shuffle! The July 4th Playlist is a musical journey of sorts – and don’t worry parents, we kept it pretty clean so the kiddies can dance too.

We start out with some folk/rock (Ray LaMontagne, Alabama Shakes) and get into pop/rock (Miles Fisher, Party Supplies) as the party ramps and your crowd grows. You’ll even hear some R&B and rap later on (lady of the summer Iggy Azalea has to make an appearance). For the finale – or fireworks, as the case may be – some EDM-light (Kiesza)… End the independence festivities with your hands in the air!

Happy 4th of July from all of us at Made Music Studio, and enjoy the playlist!


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