Playlist: Change Your Mood

Whether you’re getting pumped up for the big game, trying to hit a deadline or drifting off to sleep; what you are listening to can have a profound effect on how you are feeling. Try these playlists to suit or shift your mood.

Be Optimistic
Enjoy this playlist full of uplifting and enlightening songs!

Be Calm
Tested on a wide awake wisdom teeth surgery and a last minute presentation prep, if you’re stressed, answering emails at home late at night this list is perfect. Genre free and roaming it is designed to put you at ease and let your brain wander.

Be Creative
Designed to create new brain connections this playlist is perfect background music for a group brainstorm with medium tempo and interesting textures. Brings energy to the room without creative distractions.

Be Productive
Get it done — minimalist, progressive rock, the kind of beat that keeps you moving without the distractions. The prefect background music to keep you focused on the path forward.

Be Motivated
The kind of anthemic songs you need to encourage you to put your best foot forward. You can rule the world with this intense playlist.

Be Inspired
Full of positivity with an upbeat tempo and organic instrumentation this list is designed to inspire.

Be Active
For a work-out, a pre-game, prepping for a confrontation — this playlist is all about getting your blood pumping and adrenaline flowing with intense tracks.

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