Songs That Stick With You

Music is a part of all our lives; it surrounds us. This is obvious, but have you ever stopped to think why it has such a strong effect on us? … Probably not, because who thinks about that? To save you time and energy let me lay down some thoughts and facts. Music provides an emotional support unlike anything else. It has the ability to get us through situations, becoming whatever we need it to be in that moment: motivation, companionship, inspiration, etc. Psychologists at the University of Geneva stated, “Music is an effective means of mood… [And] one important reason for music’s universal appeal lies in the emotional rewards that it offers listeners.”

I’m sure you all have a variety of playlists for different activities and moments. I personally have ones I use at the gym, on road trips, when I just want to chill out or pump myself up.

But what makes particular songs mean something to us?

Music is used as an outlet for artists to express shared emotions and beliefs. Songwriters not only express their own feelings but also voice the opinions for listeners, who in some cases cannot be as vocal. Have you ever heard a song and felt like the artist was speaking directly to you?

Ultimately one of the main reasons for music’s strong impact is the shared emotion. When we feel connected to something – it makes things seem better. It could be the beat of a song that comes on at a club at just the right moment or the perfect Adele song during a tough time. As humans we crave connections and are designed to enjoy shared experiences. This is why a person’s musical taste really does tell a lot about them. There are those songs where you don’t understand why they appeal to you, yet there’s something in the song you are connecting with, which causes you to feel good. 

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