Sound Advice for Planning a Wedding

Music is just one of the many considerations a couple needs to make when planning their big day. Will you use a band or a DJ? What kinds of music will you play at the ceremony and cocktail hour? How do you create the right energy that will get people dancing and appeal to the multi-generational guest list?

These are all questions my fiancé and I have pondered over the past eight months. Naturally, working for a music company, I sought my colleagues’ advice and picked up some expert tips along the way.

Band or DJ?

This depends on a few things:

  1. The personality of the couple
  2. The audience you are catering to
  3. The atmosphere you are hoping to create

For us, what mattered most was making sure everyone would get up out of their seats, dance and have a good time. Because my fiancé is from a large Italian family, and I am from a large Irish family, we are catering to three generations of guests with very different backgrounds. From my grandmother, who loves a good Elvis Presley love song, to our young millennial cousins who can out-tweet and out-snap me any day, we have a lot of musical interests to cover.

We decided to go with a band for the live atmosphere and performance aspect. Fortunately for us, there have been a number of Made Music Studio weddings over the years, so finding our band was one of our easiest decisions. I knew I wanted something that could cater to a broad audience, read the room and react to their energy. We ended up going with a New York City band called the Hometown Sweethearts who perform weddings and other live events.

Our band performs regularly in the city, so we caught a Thursday night show at a bar with some friends before we committed. Not only was it a great night out, it gave us the confidence in our decision by allowing us to see them in action.

With all the other decisions a couple needs to make when wedding planning, music should be one of the more fun ones! Always try to check-out your options live, whether it is a DJ or a band, to get a feel for how they perform. Make a night of it with family and friends who can help you narrow down your options.

Remember, the reception music is just part of your day. Always take into consideration your ceremony’s venue and whether or not you plan to hold an after party to make sure you’ve got the music covered from “I do” through last call.

Justine Ryan is Account Director at Made Music Studio.
Talk to her on Twitter @jryan423.

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