The 9 Most Anticipated Panels at PromaxBDA The Conference 2015

This June in Los Angeles, PromaxBDA will once again present “The Conference” – a unique gathering of industry professionals to discuss innovative insights and ideas for excelling in the entertainment field. Made Music Studio has been in attendance for many years (nominated again this year for “FX Has The Movies 2014”) – and below we wanted to share some panel highlights we look forward to.

…And don’t miss our very own Joel Beckerman, discussing the Inescapable Influence of Sound on June 11! During the interactive discussion, he’ll give a peek into 7 Principles of Sound Design – and how our visceral reaction to sound and music can be used to transform our businesses and ourselves.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hot Topics Roulette: Your Q’s, Our A’s
From “native advertising” and “snackable content” to “big data” and “programmatic,” there’s a slew of newly coined terms being thrown around in meetings, industry blogs and boardrooms. With the spin of a virtual wheel, we’ll choose topics at random and our panel of six industry leaders will have five minutes to hash it out. Join us for a fast-paced, fun and informative session that will arm you with an arsenal of new terminology to add to your lexicon.

Frank Radice, Expert in Residence, Definition 6

Linda Ong, CEO, TruthCo.
Alan Cohen, Co-Founder, Giant Spoon
Jim O’Donnell, VP, West Coast Advertising Sales & Ad Sales Operations, Hulu
Jesse Redniss, Co-Founder, BRaVe Ventures

Freaky Friday: Pitch Therapy

Danixa Diaz, Executive Producer, Oishii Creative
Niels Schuurmans, EVP, Viacom Velocity Creative Content Solutions
Scott Edwards, SVP, On-Air Promotions and Operations, Fox Broadcasting Company
Brian Patacca, Founder, Life & Career Coach, Actor Salon
Brett Richards, Creative Director, Brokendoll

Episodic and More: Tools for Transforming Weak Assets into Strong Spots
We’ve all been there: Trying to build great creative for multiple audiences from limited, poor assets-or no material at all! From voice-over and graphics to sound design and music to the cut itself, learn to use storytelling tools to turn even the most restricted resources into great promos. Innovate your episodic every time!

Jonathan Davis, VP, Brand Creative, A&E Network
Melissa L. King, Executive Creative Director, Drama, Movies & Specials, ABC Entertainment Marketing

Shark Week: Creating a Pop Phenomenon

Lara Richardson, SVP Marketing, Discovery Channel

Conal Byrne, SVP, Digital Media – TV Networks, Discovery Communications
Josh Kovolenko, VP, Marketing Strategy, Discovery Communications
Jennifer Pennybacker, VP, Branded Entertainment, Discovery Communications
Peter McKeon, Creative Director, AV Squad

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Inescapable Influence of Sound
Whether you realize it or not, every single moment of your life is scored by sound. It’s constantly there guiding your choices, changing your mood in an instant, and making and breaking emotional connections. From sizzling fajitas to Kim K’s vocal inflection- from the sound of products and movies you love, to national anthems and forging movements- sound can and has literally changed the world.

Joel Beckerman, Founder/Lead Composer, Made Music Studio

Transforming Brands Into Meaningful Human Experiences
There are no real boundaries between digital marketing, design, content, advertising, retail design and other disciplines. The distinctions are artificial. For the consumer, almost every moment in their day-to-day life involves an interaction with a brand, and all are equally important. Every touch point must be carefully created to provide a rich, consistent and integrated experience in order to transform a brand into a growth driver. In this session, speaker Will Travis explores this philosophy and explains how to cultivate radical collaboration by continually tearing down the barriers that creep up between disciplines.

Will Travis, CEO & Global Senior Partner, Sid Lee USA

Simpsons FXX
Every. Episode. Ever. A new channel that’s barely out of the gate. An application that doesn’t exist yet. And every episode ever created from one of the most ubiquitous entertainment brands on the planet. Take a look behind the yellow curtain at how the strategic and creative efforts aligned for the record-breaking entertainment event that became the launch of Simpsons World on FXX and FXNow.

Ethan Adelman, VP, On-Air Promotions at FXX, FX Networks
Sally Daws, SVP, FX Marketing & Digital Media Marketing
Stephanie Gibbons, President, Marketing, Digital Media Marketing & On-Air Promotions, FX Networks
John Varvi, SVP, On-AIr Promotions, FX Networks
Jason Phipps, VP, Digital Media Marketing, FX Networks
Steve Viola, SVP, Broadcast Design, FX Networks
Brett Ashy, President, The Ashy Agency

Charting Your Career: Building a Portfolio of Transferable Skills
From high performing to high potential, linear to non-linear, network to digital to consumer branding … the range of career opportunity is expanding-as long as you stay current and keep your eye on the future. The most successful professionals see beyond the bend before many even realize there is a curve in the road. In this session, learn how to develop a growing set of skills that you can transfer to another sector or industry. Don’t wait until you need a job to prepare for your next career move.

Tina Potter, Head of Marketing and Communications, NBCU Digital/Radius
Kathy Dailey, Strategic Consultant & Executive Coach, Dailey & Company
Jennie Morris, EVP, Acquisitions, Research and Network Operation, Pivot

Fixing the Planet: Designing & Marketing the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals
If your job as a creative is to bring an experience to as many people in your target audience as possible, and you do this by studying and understanding their habits, how do you go about telling everybody that they now should change all those habits? The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is working to end poverty, hunger and discrimination, improve health and education, making cities more sustainable, combating climate change and protecting oceans and forests. The stakes are high and the marketing will to a large degree determine the destiny of the goals. So what is the Nielsen rating for 7 billion people?

Jakob Trollbäck, Founder & CCO, Trollbäck + Company

Kristen Lueck is Strategist, Culture and Innovation at Made Music Studio. Talk to her on Twitter @former_case.

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