We’re Going to Montréal!

This week, Made Music Studio is making an appearance at C2 Montréal — and in true MMS fashion, we went all in for this experience.

Founder Joel Beckerman will be giving a fireside chat — an experiential, sound-driven exploration of space, death, stillness and memory in the big top on the first day of the conference. Joel will explore these personal stories by combining performance and presentation, illustrating how sound scores every moment of our lives. This was of course a big team effort — notably, the work of MMS sound designer, editor, and composer Alex Siesse, whose original sound and music brings every moment of the performance to life.

We don’t stop there! Made Music Studio will also be leading a masterclass, The Surprising Way to Rev Your Brand’s Emotional Engine, on driving creativity and business impact through the strategic use of sound. Participants in the masterclass will unlock a brand’s potential through the MMS process of building an emotional brief, learning to create a common sensory language, and how to bring emotion to the forefront of every project.

MMS’s own work will also be audible throughout the conference. To further enhance the theme of Ecosystems for C2 Montréal, we developed five cinematic soundscapes to play between sessions in the big top throughout the conference. These immersive takeover moments interpret the theme of Ecosystems in a surprising and powerful way. Exploring Marketing, Entertainment, Talent, Cities and Moonshots through the power of sound and tapping into the collective subconscious of what these systems sound like beneath the surface. There are gentle and fluid visuals to highlight the soundscapes, generated from the frequencies of the pieces composed by Made Music Studio’s Creative Director, VR and Technology, Joel Douek.

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