Case Study:

the big picture

In 2011 when AT&T first approached Made Music Studio, they were struggling to receive recognition and attribution for the amazing services they provide around the world. They predominately remained invisible to their consumers, limited by the confines of a visual logo with unique offerings going unnoticed.

Made Music Studio offered a perspective on sonic branding that could tell the AT&T story across touchpoints. From 4th Down at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium to the on-hold music their millions of customers interact with on a daily basis – we constructed a comprehensive sonic identity system that defines the sound of AT&T everywhere.

the challenge

When composing the sound of AT&T, several factors had to be taken into account, namely their vast consumer base which includes every 2 out of 3 Americans, their several hundred thousand employees and over 17 internal business units. From mobile phones, to b2b technology platforms, to large-scale activations at music festivals and stadiums around the country – their unique sonic identity system needed to flex across AT&T. Made Music Studio needed to tell a cohesive brand story, building a visceral sense of unity and purpose.

the approach

Made Music Studio developed a sonic identity that brought forward an authentically human touch – incorporating unique and surprising elements such as out of tune instruments and finger snaps. As the brand continues to flex into new areas, their sonic identity system flexes with them, bringing continuity and attribution to each moment. From their unique anthem, MMS derived a catalog of original music, customized UX/UI experiences (including the latest generation of DIRECTV sounds), an on-brand Voice Talent Bank, expressive Sonic Logos, curated playlists of on-brand tracks, executive walk-on music and custom activations across retail and sponsorships — all while attributing every experience to AT&T.

I hear my brand everywhere now.

– Senior Executive, AT&T

the results

AT&T’s bet on audio paid off. After only three years in market, the AT&T sonic logo had become the second most identifiable brand asset after the globe. The sonic logo also performed second in customer recall to the NBC chimes – despite the NBC chimes entering the market over 60 years prior. The identity continues to evolve with the brand as it transforms and includes new offerings for its customers.

In 2012, the longtime partnership between AT&T and Made Music Studio expanded to retail spaces, with the development of bespoke soundscapes for several of their flagship stores. In 2015, Made Music Studio was honored with the coveted AT&T Supplier Award, an annual honor given to AT&T partners that go above and beyond expectations through their services, products, and results. And in 2020, we joined forces to bring a visionary sonic experience to AT&T Discovery District in Dallas, TX.


creative team

Danielle Venne – Executive Music Producer
Aaron Kotler – Composer + Music Co-Producer
Brian Scherman – Music Co-Producer + Mix Engineer
Jose Luis Revelo – Arranger
Yoan Yabor – Arranger
Ben Arons – Sound Design
Dennis Wall – Mix Engineer
Lauren McGuire – Client Experience Lead
Elizabeth Kasper – Senior Account Executive
Joel Beckerman – Founder + Executive Music Producer

Some of the finest work I have ever been a part of. Strategic, smart and creative.

– Gregg Heard, VP, Brand Identity and Design, AT&T

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