Case Study:

the big picture

Since 1975, any “Feature Presentation” film on HBO has been preceded with an iconic opening sequence and a musical theme that has become synonymous with the brand and the highest-quality in-home entertainment experiences.

In 2017, Made Music Studio reinterpreted and reimagined this melody for HBO, tackling the challenge of a forward-leaning homage: paying proper tribute to the brand’s heritage while also signaling to HBO’s continued evolution as a champion of new audiences, storytelling and production techniques. As a cultural beacon for excellence in entertainment, HBO’s modernized look and feel needed to reflect its legacy while bringing in new modern elements.

the challenge

HBO commissioned world-renowned visual agency Imaginary Forces and Made Music Studio to reimagine the 1983 HBO Feature Presentation trailer. Imaginary Forces’ evolved visuals send the viewer soaring through a surreal metropolis at dusk – dipping in and out of peoples’ homes as they gather to watch the upcoming Feature Presentation. The scene set at the “magic hour” culminates in the final epic statement of the HBO melody, revealing the city to be in a giant superstructure that spells out the brand’s iconic moniker. Made Music Studio’s score needed to evolve the beloved HBO theme to enhance the vivid and expansive nature of the refreshed visuals.

the approach

Made Music Studio’s reinterpretation of this classic composition creates a new found sense of drama from the opening note. With a quiet and delicate start reflecting the intimacy of the opening scene, the piece begins to flourish with cinematic momentum, culminating in a powerful and resounding finale. Recorded at Made Music’s studio with a 45-piece orchestra, the piece was mixed in film-standard surround-sound to promote the future of home entertainment.

the results

With a refreshed sound and stunning visuals, the cinematic opening of HBO Feature Presentation continues to set the tone and standard for the highest quality home entertainment.


creative team

Joel Beckerman – Founder + Executive Music Producer
Danielle Venne – Executive Music Producer
Ferdinand J. Smith – Original Composer
Mickey Alexander – Music Co-Producer
Christopher H. Knight – Arranger
Greg Pliska – Orchestrator
Dennis Wall – Mix Engineer
Imaginary Forces – Creative Agency

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