Our Ongoing Commitment to Anti-Racism

The people making decisions about what we hear in entertainment and media are overwhelmingly white.

It is a fact that people of color and other marginalized groups are underrepresented in our industry’s leadership, including at MMS.

We are committed to being an anti-racist company that disrupts, dismantles and demands more of individuals, institutions and ourselves. We commit to leading our industry on these issues.

our actions

Behavior: Every person working with MMS is welcome to show up as they are without expectation of assimilation.

Talent: In an industry that favors access and privilege, our approach to talent must disrupt the status quo.

  • At least 40% of all music creators and collaborators on our projects are from historically marginalized communities including Black, Latino/Latina/Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, female & members of the LGBTQIA+ community
  • At least 15% of our writers will be women or non-binary
  • 50% of the partner companies we work with, will be owned by historically marginalized communities
  • Our hiring framework seeks untraditional talent by defining each hire not by education level or corporate experience, but by life experience, track record, and skill
  • We do not ask for work on spec, a systemic approach to sourcing creative that benefits privilege
  • We are committed to crediting all collaborators responsible for our creative output on every project

Mentorship & Partnerships: Expand our initiatives for mentorship and education with a focus on historically marginalized communities:

  • Your Music, Your Future: a community for composers focusing on music rights
  • The Kaufman Special Music School: the only K-12 public school in the country for gifted and talented music students

for our clients

  • We commit to bringing Black, Latino/Latina/Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, female & LGBTQIA+ talent to better speak to your audience and further improve the work.
  • We commit to a minimum of 30% music from historically marginalized communities’ talent in music curation to generate streams and revenue for these creators.
  • We commit to sharing effective ways to build your strategy through qualitative listening exercises designed to hear all audiences and employees.
  • We commit to continue our learning and dialogue with you on racial and gender listening bias/blind spots
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