5 Super Bowl Ads That Grabbed Our Attention with Sound and Music

This year’s Super Bowl ads were all about brands using music and sound to pull on our heart strings and tell stories. Here are five of our favorites from this year’s spots.


It’s the music that sets up the gag perfectly. Those piano notes tell us bad things are happening to our connection to Kim Kardashian and our data.


Mindy Kaling and Van Halen make for a powerful combination.


Nothing can tug the heart strings like the childrens’ voices in this Dove ad.


Taking a Musicless Musicvideo cue, Geico dials up humor by exaggerating foley. Nothing like the bling of a ring to amplify absurdity.


Hundred Waters “Show Me Love” for Coca-Cola is unbeatable.

Bonus: Made Music Studio was a part of the Super Bowl yet again. Watch below to experience the power of sound again:

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