Sonic Journeys: 3D For Your Ears

We receive sound at such a deep subliminal level, often we don’t realize that in the real world it is a fully 3D experience, replete with directional meaning and information. Unlike vision, it doesn’t matter where we look in order to perceive sounds. Binaural sound captures all this information with a specialized array of microphones positioned on a “dummy” head to closely match how we hear. Together with psychoacoustic processes, we are then able to simulate a fully 360º 3D sound experience through just a pair of regular headphones. Sounds can move up, down, behind you as well just left and right. Binaural Sound has most recently found its rightful place in the world of virtual reality, and you don’t even need goggles. Take a sonic journey with us, through a dense jungle in search of lost treasure!

Joel Douek is Creative Director, West Coast and Chief Scientist at Made Music Studio. Follow him on Twitter to learn more about sonic journeys: @joeldouek.

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