Clio Music 2022: Spotlight on the Award-Winning Work

We’re thrilled to announce that Made Music Studio was recently honored with three wins at the Clio Awards: awards for Turner Classic Movies and Doritos for Best Use of Music in Sonic Branding, and recognition for AT&T Discovery District for Best Use of Music in Experience/Activation.

It’s an incredible honor to be awarded for three very different projects — they all had unique challenges, each requiring a creative solution that had never been done before. With TCM, we created a Network Identity that musically blends the old with the new, bringing fresh new energy to a storied brand. With Doritos, we created an entirely original musical genre – Chip Hop — designed to disrupt the sonic status quo and set culture ablaze. And with AT&T we helped transform the heart of Downtown Dallas with AT&T Discovery District, showing how music and sound has the power to create meaningful experiences and inclusive spaces for all.

Read on to learn more about each award-winning project.


“Where Then Meets Now,” Turner Classic Movies – Best Use of Music in Sonic Branding (Silver)



Turner Classic Movies is a place where the old meets the new, classic meets modern, “Where Then Meets Now.” As a network where classic film serves as a catalyst for cultural conversation, TCM was looking to refresh their look, sound and feel to reinforce their position as a leader in film, from curation to context. Musically, they needed to attract younger audiences without alienating current fans.

Taking inspiration from dance across the decades, from Fred Astaire to TikTok, and with movement and joy flowing through every note, Made Music Studio created a sonic identity for the refreshed brand flexible enough to stretch across TCM’s properties and touchpoints.

It’s the new sound of a classic, reimagined for modern ears.



“The Chip Hop Anti-Logo,” Doritos – Best Use of Music in Sonic Branding (Bronze)



Doritos has always been known as a disruptor brand, pushing against the status quo and setting culture ablaze. But how could they take things to another level with their sonic branding? Welcome to the world of Chip Hop — an original musical genre, where beats are generated by Doritos bags, the crunch of a Doritos chip is sampled and remixed, lyrics are coded with chip references, and chip hop artists tag their tracks with disruptive samples.

Developed by Made Music Studio, Doritos’ subversive new sonic identity merges brand with culture, unleashing the power of audio to stretch across an entire customer journey, on every “sound-on” platform and media channel.



“A Public Square Reimagined,” AT&T Discovery District – Best Use of Music in Experience/Activation (Shortlist)



AT&T wanted to transform their global corporate campus into a cultural oasis and world-class multimedia destination. Centered in the heart of downtown Dallas, AT&T Discovery District was an opportunity to reimagine a corporate headquarters into a public square, with sound and music at the heart of the experience. Made Music Studio was invited to join the design team at AT&T Discovery District as the sonic agency of record overseeing strategy, development and sonic design of the project.

From the soft sounds of regional birds chirping intermittently through one of the more than 130 strategically placed speakers, to the magical takeover moments on the 9-story Media Wall, to the playful interactive centerpiece, The Globe, every moment is scored to surprise, delight, inform, soothe and inspire visitors.

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