Holidays on TCM: Spreading the Joy

It’s the time of year when we’d usually share a note of happy wishes, a review of the year’s successes, or a good, old-fashioned singalong from our staff.

And it’s not that we didn’t want to round up our producers and ask them to cover a classic song or create the next hummable holiday earworm. It’s just that we saw that our friends at Turner Classic Movies had already created the perfect musical message to celebrate the season, and ring in the year ahead.

Check out their joyous 60 seconds of cheer, featuring a special remix of TCM’s multi award-winning theme below. We’ll see you in the new year!

award winner

The TCM network theme swept the 2022 Made Music Studio awards season, earning wins in categories including sonic branding and musical composition.

  • Clio Music Best Use of Music in Sonic Branding
  • AMP Awards Outstanding Sonic Branding or Mnemonic
  • Music + Sound Awards Best Original Composition in Branding
  • Transform Awards North America Best Use of Audio Branding

creative team

Joel Beckerman – Founder + Executive Music Producer
Amy Crawford – Executive Music Producer
Mickey Alexander – Music Co-Producer
Alexis Cuadrado – Music Co-Producer
Evan Marien – Composer + Music Co-Producer
Bryan Natalio – Sound Design + Drum Programming
Caleb Teicher – Tap Dance
Jim Hynes – Orchestra Contractor
Dennis Wall – Audio/Mix Engineer
Zuzu Boisson – Senior Project Manager

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