Made Music Studio’s Sonic Branding and Experience Guide

Made Music Studio’s sound may resonate globally but sometimes it seems we are speaking a language entirely our own. Below are terms we use to describe and define the work we do as a strategic music and sound studio. We use this vocabulary to keep the music and sound aligned with the strategy we develop and the sonic architecture’s we create clear and easy to implement.

Brand Anthem – The long-form musical hero piece of a brand’s sonic identity. It’s a theme that embodies the brand’s story and personality in a way that it could not be any other brand, and becomes the anchor for all of the brand’s sonic expression.

Brand Navigation Sounds® – Made Music Studio’s proprietary approach to user experience sounds. Typically 2-3 seconds in length and used in digital environments, they intuitively provide guidance with functional and emotional feedback rooted in the brand’s sonic voice.

Music Supervision – The strategic curation, selection and placement of music that is on-brand and experience appropriate for media, spaces, call centers or live events.

Sonic Branding – The strategic use of music and sound to help brands better engage with their desired audiences, achieved through the use of proprietary and/or familiar sound and music that over time becomes increasingly associated with a brand in media and experience activations.

Sonic Identity – A brand’s proprietary sonic voice that conveys the brand story, enhances emotional connection and builds brand attribution. It seamlessly ties together touchpoints across communications, live and digital experiences.

Sonic Logo – The short-form expression of a brand’s sonic identity. Analogous to the visual logo, the sonic logo serves as an audio brand signature to convey meaning and personality, and heighten attribution.

Sonic Strategy – The strategic foundation for creating a unique and proprietary sonic identity, for curating on brand music, or activating music and sounds for specific brand communications or experience.

SonicPulse® Research – Made Music Studio’s proprietary research methodology designed specifically to assess impact and effectiveness of music and sound in triggering emotion, sparking behavior, conveying meaning and improving brand metrics.

Voice Bank – A collection of recommended on-brand voice talent that align with a brand’s Sonic Strategy.

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