Vanity Fair/60 Minutes Poll on Music Reveals Decade With Worst Music & More

This past week, Vanity Fair/60 Minutes polled 1,017 adults ages 18 and older around the country to get their thoughts on music these days – and days gone by. The questions ranged from thought provoking (“Which band would you go back in time to see?”) and fun (“Who would you most like to be in a rock band?”) to downright silly (“What is the sexiest instrument someone can play?”).

But the question that riled up the staff at the Made Music Studio offices was, “Which decade had the worst music?” If the Vanity Fair/CBS poll is any indication, we’re living in it. 42% of respondents felt that the 2010s has been the decade with the worst music, with the 2000s lagging behind at 15%.

According to the poll’s organizers, holding onto sounds and styles of a youth gone by isn’t the only factor at play here – even the younger set of respondents were down on the sounds of the 2010s. Vanity Fair’s Digital Director Mike Hogan is probably on to something when he says time helps in weeding out some of the more forgettable music: “…we look back on the 70s and we’re only thinking about the great stuff,” Hogan told CBS This Morning. “We’re not thinking about all the terrible stuff. I remember when people used to think the 70s was the worst music ever,” he said.

We sent the question around internally to see which decade Made Musicr’s felt was the worst for music. Some of the responses were too good not to share:

          “00’s – 2 words – AUTO TUNE“

          “It took me 30 years to detox from Disc-o.”

The 2000s may have taken the title across Made Music’s offices, but as one of our staff pointed out, “2000s are great for karaoke though. It’s like senior prom all over again.”

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