What does it mean for a sonic branding agency to be “Born from Entertainment”?

Entertainment brands are intrinsically built to be noticed, remembered, and loved. They create deeper emotional connections because they treat their customers like audiences. We at Made Music Studio believe all brands have the ability to generate that same excitement, passion, and loyalty through strategic use of music and sound.

Over 20 years ago, Made Music Studio began scoring for film and television, steeping our roots in creating thematic, iconic work. Recognizing the need to help brands tell their stories in the creative model of a ‘score’, our pioneering work in the world of sonic branding began.

In an era when attention is ever-fleeting, we bring deeply creative and research-backed expertise to the development of music and sound.

Culturally connected, our work moves people in meaningful ways at every interaction with our clients’ brands—be it in advertising, physical spaces, products, experiences, devices and apps, digital and social, and more.

People don’t buy products or services, they buy how products and services make them feel. That’s where we come in. We turn consumers into fans.

We look to measure the success of our sonic branding work against three key areas:

– Is it iconic? Iconic to us means differentiated and distinct and will stand the test of time.
– Is it scalable? We provide modular solutions that can show up where and how they’re needed.
– Is it flexible? It must flex into a vast array of emotional territories.

In the last few years, we’ve seen the dawning of a truly audio-first era, and this comes to life in the strategy work we do to help our clients own their spaces in meaningful ways. What would it mean in the current climate to own the sound of safety; of clean; of trust? Our sonic branding work, informed by our SonicPulse® research with our partners at Sentient Decision Science, makes owning these emotions possible.

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